21/09/2018 18:19

Barcelona Housing Consortium to invest an extra 64 million euros in affordable housing

Housing. A budget of 647 million euros to invest in 550 homes.

19/09/2018 18:04

Organisations and political groups reach an agreement to allocate 30% of all new homes as protected housing

Housing. The measure was put forward by the city’s social network and should create 330 affordable flats every year.

16/08/2018 18:19

Institutional declaration on the occasion of the first anniversary of the terrorist attacks

City Council. The solidarity ceremony in remembrance for the victims of the terrorist attacks will take place on 17 August 2017, at 10.30 am in Pl. Catalunya.

25/07/2018 17:05

The Government of Catalonia’s ‘debt with citizens’ is 60 million euros a year

Municipal. First meeting since July 2016 of the mixed commission for the City Council and the Government of Catalonia.

19/07/2018 16:09

Cities against gentrification

Housing. Discussion on social and urban challenges, between the Columbia University sociologist, Saskia Sassen, and the Mayor, Ada Colau.

16/07/2018 20:03

Cities for Adequate Housing: a global alliance for the right to housing

City Council. The Mayor, Ada Colau, presented the declaration by municipal governments at the UN headquarters in New York.

13/07/2018 17:12

A women’s Mercè: opening speech by Leticia Dolera and poster by Sonia Pulido

Local festivals. In the last forty years only twelve women have given opening speeches and the festival poster has only been designed by women on three occasions.

11/07/2018 17:07

Paris and Barcelona, a common front for the right to housing and the city

City Council. The meeting between Ada Colau and Anne Hidalgo focused on the fight against gentrification and local residents being driven from their homes.

04/07/2018 13:07

Alliance between Barcelona and London on the right to housing

City Council. The two municipal governments share strategies for combatting gentrification and preventing city residents from being driven from their homes.

29/06/2018 18:46

Major city agreement to boost science

Science. The Barcelona Science Plan increases municipal investment to 2.4 million euros for innovation and research projects run in the city and the metropolitan area.

13/06/2018 18:04

Optimum coordination for a safer city

Security. New meeting by the Local Security Council to establish joint strategies between the different police corps to combat petty theft, drug trafficking and street vending.

12/06/2018 20:09

Barcelona offers to take in 100 refugees from the boat ‘Aquarius’

Refuge City. Municipal services have attended to over 3,500 asylum seekers so far this year, 780 of them minors.


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