Homenatge Brigades Internacionals
26/10/2019 13:43

Homage to the International Brigades which fought against fascism in the Spanish Civil War

Democratic memory. Ceremony for justice, responsibility and gratitude towards volunteers from around the wold who fought to defend republican values.

20/10/2019 15:54

Institutional declaration regarding the situation in the city following the prison sentences for pro-independence leaders

City Council. The Mayor, Ada Colau, has called for dialogue, rejecting violence and expressing concern for those injured during the protests in the city this week.

14/10/2019 14:28

Institutional declaration about the sentence given to pro-independence leaders by the Spanish Supreme Court

City Council. Statement by the Mayor, Ada Colau, regarding the prison sentence handed down to pro-independence leaders by the Spanish Supreme Court.

ada colau cimera xarxa de ciutats c40 Copenhague
11/10/2019 14:23

Putting an end to diesel use, doing away with single-use plastics and limiting flights

Environment. Proposals by Ada Colau at the World Mayors Summit in Copenhagen to combat the climate crisis.

08/10/2019 19:21

Recognition for city police officers’ vocation to service

City Police. Medals and awards presented to police officers and other security corps and entities.

declaració institucional pobresa energètica
30/09/2019 18:07

Message from the City Council to Endesa to assume energy poverty debt

Energy rights. Institutional declaration for the electricity company to comply with the law.

27/09/2019 13:24

The Mayor’s Office moves into the districts

Mayor's Office. The Government Commission will be holding sessions in each of the city’s districts over the next ten weeks.

25/09/2019 17:01

Plea to the global alliance from the UN to combat the climate emergency

Environment. The Mayor calls for action to be speeded up and for UN-led collaboration and funding between states and cities.

contaminació zbe
16/09/2019 18:14

Permanent low emissions zone to be regulated

Mobility. The by-law will come into force on 1 January 2020 and affect 125,000 vehicles in the next four years.

19/07/2019 17:40

Joint effort between administrations to eradicate petty crime and theft

Security and prevention. The first meeting of the Local Security Board for this term of office also produced a commitment to re-open the complaints office in Plaça de Catalunya.

18/07/2019 17:39

The new municipal government reaches out

City Council. The priorities for this term of office have been set out and the first meeting with Catalan president will be on 30 July.

10/07/2019 16:05

Left-wing agreement to govern Barcelona from 2019 to 2023

New term of office. Ada Colau will lead a city government team with six Deputy Mayor’s Offices, headed by Jaume Collboni, Janet Sanz, Laia Bonet, Laura Pérez, Albert Batlle and Joan Subirats.


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