19/07/2019 17:40

Joint effort between administrations to eradicate petty crime and theft

Security and prevention. The first meeting of the Local Security Board for this term of office also produced a commitment to re-open the complaints office in Plaça de Catalunya.

18/07/2019 17:39

The new municipal government reaches out

City Council. The priorities for this term of office have been set out and the first meeting with Catalan president will be on 30 July.

10/07/2019 16:05

Left-wing agreement to govern Barcelona from 2019 to 2023

New term of office. Ada Colau will lead a city government team with six Deputy Mayor’s Offices, headed by Jaume Collboni, Janet Sanz, Laia Bonet, Laura Pérez, Albert Batlle and Joan Subirats.

91 promoció de nous agents de la Guàrdia Urbana
27/06/2019 16:59

Greater proximity with 139 new city police officers

City Police. The 91st new intake by the city’s police corps will improve service for the public and strengthen police presence in the city’s streets.

15/06/2019 20:34

Ada Colau re-elected as Mayor of Barcelona

Constitutive council meeting. The head of the list for Barcelona en Comú was elected with 21 votes, the overall majority for the plenary.

15/06/2019 19:37

Composition of the new plenary for the 2019-2023 term of office

City Council. The Municipal Council loses one woman, becomes a year younger and gains municipal experience.

15/06/2019 18:08

First decrees of the new municipal government signed

Inauguration. For the moment there are four deputy mayor’s offices, headed by Joan Subirats, Janet Sanz, Laura Pérez and Jordi Martí.

Medalla d'or a la ciutat a Montserrat Caballé
12/04/2019 19:25

City of Barcelona Gold Medal for Montserrat Caballé

Culture. Maximum recognition for the city’s most universal soprano.

29/03/2019 14:57

Tuesday danced with ‘Dansa Ara’

School sport.. Children from 200 schools took part in the final event of the ‘Dansa Ara’ school sports activity at the Palau Sant Jordi on 2 April.

Ada Colau a la cimera de la xarxa Eurocities
21/03/2019 11:55

Ada Colau opens the summit of European cities raising urgent housing measures

The mayor of Barcelona inaugurated the second summit of mayors of Eurocities, in which housing policies, the fight against pollution, employment, education and the technological revolution were especially relevant.

07/03/2019 13:00

La Raposa del Poble Sec wins the 8 March Award – Maria Aurèlia Capmany

Women and feminism. The public award went to Sindillar, a women’s trade union for domestic and care workers.

04/03/2019 13:50

Homage to the victims of the 17A attack with a memorial in La Rambla

Memory. An inscription on the pavement near Pla de l’Os reads “May peace cover you, oh city of peace”.


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