Barcelona isn’t afraid

Barcelona isn’t afraid

18/08/2017 16:35

100,000 people have come out on the streets to shout "I’m not afraid", a massive response by local people against the attack on La Rambla and in support of the victims

The minute’s silence held this Friday, 18 August, in Paça de Catalunya to condemn the terrorist attack on La Rambla saw 100,000 people gather on the city centre streets under the spontaneous slogan of "I’m not afraid" shouted en masse. The Full City Council also met for an extraordinary session to condemn the attack and show solidarity with the victims.

Fear will not prevail. We shall walk down La Rambla again and do so freely, with love for our city and life.” These words conclude the official statement that the Mayor, Ada Colau, read out at the extraordinary session of the Full City Council, called at short notice. They also explain why 100,000 people came out onto the streets for a minute’s silence that was going to be held in Plaça de Catalunya at 12 noon.

Once the minute’s silence was over, and with the slogan “I’m not afraid”, the crowd headed down La Rambla, over the site of the attack. According to the city police, 100,000 people took to the city streets. Shows of solidarity were repeated throughout the day along the boulevard, which gradually filled with spontaneous demonstrations of solidarity, pain and rejection of terror.

On Saturday 19, and Sunday 20, from 10 in the morning to 8 in the evening, everyone will be able to sign the city’s Book of Condolences, which will be in the Saló de Cent at City Hall.

This is the official statement that was read out at the Extraordinary Council Session:

“This Thursday a series of terrorist attacks have been carried out in Catalonia that have resulted in dozens of victims. On La Rambla in Barcelona, people of many nationalities and all ages, individuals and families taking a stroll and enjoying our city, have been wounded and killed.

These families could be any Barcelona resident. In fact, they are our families.

Faced with these blows of hate that have shaken the city, the Full City Council, as the body that represents the citizens of Barcelona, agrees to:

  1. Express its most heartfelt condolences to all the victims, as well as their friends and families. Barcelona and its citizens are with you and offer you all their warmth and support.
  2. Condemn with the utmost vigour this attack. One more in a long list of barbaric attacks which, from Baghdad to Orlando and Mogadishu, along with Madrid, Paris, Nice, London, Brussels, Berlin and Manchester, aim to impose terror, fear and hate.
  3. Thank the public service workers, especially those of the police and emergency services, for their rapid and coordinated response, and the care they are taking of the victims and their relatives. The city wishes to acknowledge the solidarity shown by various entities, businesses and the general public who, immediately and proactively, put themselves at the service of the community at such a difficult time.
  4. Say that we feel supported. Right from the beginning we have received shows of love and support from everywhere. From cities and people all over the world that have sent us their messages of solidarity in the last few hours.
  5. Finally, we wish to send a clear and unequivocal message to those responsible for these attacks: we will not yield. These cowardly attacks will not change the values of a brave city. We will not allow hate nor racism to take root among us. Barcelona will continue to be a city of peace, proud of its diversity and harmony.

Fear will not prevail. We shall walk down La Rambla again and do so freely, with love for our city and life.


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