Cities unite on climate commitment

Cities unite on climate commitment

23/10/2017 19:11

Environment. Barcelona and eleven other cities pledge to move towards zero emissions public transport fleets and large zero emissions zones.

The twelve cities meeting in Paris have pledged to progressively purchase zero emissions buses through until 2025, and for all new vehicles purchased thereafter to meet the same criteria. Likewise, the cities will establish areas to be designated as zero emissions zones in 2030.

The cities of Cape Town, Quito, Copenhagen, Los Angeles, Milan, Auckland, London, Vancouver, Seattle, Mexico City, Paris and Barcelona all signed the Fossil Fuel Free Streets Declaration at the meeting in Paris between mayors from major cities and the heads of multinational companies.

The debate brought together those at the forefront of public policies on the fight against climate change being developed by the C40 network and major companies from the sectors of mobility, energy and urban planning. The measures will be complemented by the ‘Climate Plan’ Barcelona is currently putting together via public participation and which will be presented at the Bonn summit from 6 to 17 November.

The Mayor, Ada Colau, stressed that cities are ready to adopt specific measures in the fight against climate change. “Cities must be the real protagonists in the fight against climate change and its imperative we have more powers and more budget to tackle this challenge”.

Barcelona is working to gain 160 hectares of greenery by 2030, tripling the number of kilometres of bike lanes, boosting public transport, cutting the number of private vehicle journeys by 21% and implementing the superblocks plan to create more space for pedestrians. The Mayor also explained that “in Paris we once again express our commitment to the climate, and, along with over 800 city entities, defining a 40% reduction in emissions and an increase in urban greenery of one square metre per inhabitant”.


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