We won’t keep quiet in the face of sexist violence when we’re partying either

We won’t keep quiet in the face of sexist violence when we’re partying either

22/02/2018 20:06

Feminism. Staff from nine venues and three festivals have received training on dealing with and responding to any sort of sexual harassment or aggression.

A new joint protocol with ten city music venues and festivals has been set up to combat sexist aggression and harassment around nightlife spots. Staff at the venues have been trained to assist and respond to any sort of harassment which occurs.

According to the 2016 survey on sexist violence in Catalonia, three out of ten sexual aggressions involving violence or without violence occurred in nightlife venues. Because of this, the new protocol being promoted by the City Council and worked on jointly with participating companies has been used to train managers and staff.

The training involved an explanation of what constitutes an aggression, how to attend to victims and how to spot an aggressor. It also looked at where to refer people to, according to the victim’s wishes and the severity of the aggression.

A significant number of city venues have joined the initiative, including some of the most iconic, such as Sala Apolo, Razzmatazz, Plataforma, Sidecar, Tarantos, Arena, Jamboree, Marula and Moog, as well as three music festivals: Privamera Sound, Sónar and Cruïlla.

The protocol is open to any city venues and festivals wanting to join up. To do so, interested parties should write to protocolocinocturn@bcn.cat.

Prevention and signage

Besides the instructions, the new protocol includes preventative measures such as avoiding sexist door policies or girl-only discounts on drinks, as well as denying access to people with sexist attitudes and reviewing dark spots on the premises in order to be more alert towards them.

The protocol also seeks to prevent action which encourages gender inequality, such as obligatory dress codes according to sex or displaying a lack of respect towards people based on gender or sexual diversity.

The venues and festivals will feature signs with the slogan ‘We won’t keep quiet’, encouraging anyone who needs help to approach members of staff, and at the same time underlining Barcelona’s anti-sexist commitment.

The protocol was presented jointly at the City Hall by the Mayor, Ada Colau, the Councillor for Feminism and LGBTI, Laura Pérez, and representatives from the nine venues and three festivals adhering to the protocol.

“We have to be proactive and not normalise sexual aggression. If we achieve a city free of sexist violence we all gain from it, not just women but also men, in a fairer, more democratic and happier city”, noted the Mayor during the campaign presentation.


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