Ada Colau Ballano

Ada Colau Ballano (Barcelona, 1974) is Barcelona's first-ever woman mayor. She grew up in the neighbourhood of Guinardó and currently lives next to the Sagrada Família. Part of her professional life has been devoted to researching and championing human rights, with special emphasis on housing rights. She has spent the last twenty years building up her professional and political skills, through her academic studies, her work in civil organisations and her participation in social movements.

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09:00 am to 09:30 am13 May

Gravación vídeo

Place: Ayuntamiento de Barcelona

09:30 am to 10:00 am13 May

Reunión interna

Place: Ayuntamiento de Barcelona

Mayor of Barcelona's salary

The Full Municipal Council sets the Mayor's salary at €100,000 a year gross, of which

900 € Responsibility and care suplement/p>


She receives 14 annual instalments of €2,291.03 net, in compliance with the BComú code of ethics

She gives the rest away to the organisations or social projects chosen consensually by BComú's members

Management Criteria for the Mayor's Office

Waiving bonuses

The Mayor waives her pay for attending the Barcelona Metropolitan Area's council and board meetings as its president. The BComú code of ethics states that representatives may not receive extra pay for attending government bodies.

Consult the waiver declaration

Transport and eating

The Mayor has an official car available to her which she uses for long journies or when she needs to get from one place to another quickly. She also uses public transport. The Mayor's Office also has a kitchen service for work meetings. As instructed by the Mayor, and in line with cost-cutting criteria, the maximum cost for this service has been set at €14.5 per head. She also has a credit card for work meals and unexpected overheads when away from City Hall.


The Mayor does not accept any gifts with a monetary value. Gifts received via standard protocol are inventoried and kept in municipal storage.


Money-saving criteria are applied to her travel. Transport is always in economy class. Where her travel involves long journeys, a hire car may be provided.

Meals, public-transport tickets, journeys by taxi or other unplanned expenses are entered as a single advance payment.

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