Other services


We advise you on the documentary fonds and the information that the different document series contain to guide you in your search or research, especially if you are a new user.

We also provide specialised guidance on archive organisation and document management, explaining how to locate fonds and records of interest with regard to Barcelona’s history, and by taking part in professional and institutional cooperation projects.


Reserving records

You can reserve records you might need to use for more than one working day for a maximum of five working days.


Collaborating with universities and new researchers.

We work very closely with the coordinators and tutors of students from any branch of the curriculum who are carrying out research, in order to give students and researchers proper guidance in consulting and interpreting archive records, as well as using them correctly.


Agreements for special document consultation

Special document consultation means intensive document use or extraction. These types of consultation must be duly justified.

They will be governed by a collaborative agreement for a set period of time, with consultation agreements and conditions that benefit the conservation of the documentary heritage while enabling the AMCB to offer an efficient, effective and satisfactory service to meet the demand from businesses, institutions and other entities.


Agreements with teaching institutions and other public authorities

We offer teaching and cultural institutions, as well as other public authorities, our collaboration and participation in joint projects linked to the study of the city’s history and disseminating its documentary heritage.


Auxiliary library

This library, consisting of publications on the city of Barcelona, is a back-up to the contemporary document fonds that we manage and keep at the AMCB.