By prior appointment

What do I have to do to access the AMCB and consult its records?

Entry is free and open to anyone over the age of 16. All you need to do is bring some ID and fix a day and time.

The prior appointment request can be made through different channels:

For the sake of preserving its records, the Archives management may impose certain restrictions or special conditions on consulting some records. Records which, in accordance with the law, might threaten the general interest or intellectual property rights, are also excluded from public consultation.


What information do I need to provide in order to consult records at the AMCB?

Any information that might help to locate the records requested and your personal details.

1- Basic requester details:

  • Name and surname(s)
  • ID document (DNI), passport or equivalent
  • Postal or email address
  • Phone number, to receive Archives communications immediately.

2- Consultation details:

  • Consultation related to research
    • Basic details and summary of the research.
    • University, cultural institution or scientific institution.
    • Chronological scope of the search.
  • General consultation on urban planning and public works:
    • Type of document, licence or procedure (e.g. planning licence).
    • Number and address of the property.
    • (Approximate) year of construction.
    • First holder or owner (if known).
  • Consultation of the Barcelona Civil Registry (city, not province): available in the online catalog.