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Barcelona regains Museum Night

Barcelona regains Museum Night

Culture. Museum Night is back on Saturday as the city’s cultural facilities open to the public to offer exhibitions and alternative activities. Not to be missed!

Cultural facilities in the city will be opening their doors in the afternoon and evening on Saturday, offering exhibitions and alternative activities such as guided tours. Not to be missed!

The city’s museums are set to play a key role in rekindling culture in Barcelona this spring. New options being offered regain the face-to-face connection with visitors, as well as iconic museum programmes. One of these is Museum Night.

Barcelona has reserved one night a year since 2008 for a cultural festival which is cherished by the public. Besides their permanent collections, museums in the city and the metropolitan area open their doors for the occasion to offer activities for people of all ages: guided tours, workshops, trails with clues, an escape game, a gymkhana and competitions. Participating facilities also become scenarios for shows with poetry, dance and theatre. This year’s Museum Night is on 15 May, with museums opening from mid-afternoon into the evening.

Citizens will be able to visit museums for free and take part in the various activities programmed from 6 pm to 9 pm. Tickets need to be booked in advance for most establishments, to ensure the safety of visitors and comply with the health recommendations issued by experts.

Opening up debate: exhibitions

Thinking, understanding and encouraging critical spirit. The exhibitions for this edition of Museum Night will make you reflect on various issues. Félix González-Torres and Nanni Balestrin are offering two retrospectives on dissidence and commitment, with ‘The Politics of Relation’ at the MACBA, and ‘Illustrated Violence’ at La Virreina. In a similar vein, El Born CCM will be maintaining the project ‘Towards an Education in Freedom’.

Looking to the past, the MNAC is offering ‘The Infinite War’, the Museu Marítim ‘Imatges trobades. La Barcelona marítima de postguerra’, and, going much further back, at the CCCB you’ll find ‘Mars. The Red Mirror’. If you want to add some colour to this journey back in time, you can also visit ‘The American Dream. Pop to Presentat the CaixaForum, while for journeys, the other exhibition at the centre is ‘Symphony’, an immersive audio-visual through emotions and music.


Some facilities never miss an edition of Museum Night, and they’ll be involved again this year. The programme thus includes the city’s History Archive, its Photographic Archive and the Picasso Museum, as well as more recent participants such as the Museu de Ciències Naturals, the Contemporary Art Centre at the Fabra i Coats and the KBr. Between them, these centres offer a magical combination of art, history, memory, science, beauty, nature and more, with a broad range of museum options.

Guided tours

This year’s edition offers numerous guided tours which will give you more of an in-depth look at the participating centres, such as the Archaeology Service for the aqueduct, the Roman wall and the Mercat de Sant Antoni, and for El Born, Montjuïc Castle and the Fundació Brossa, as well as the MUHBA facilities.

Besides these guided routes, Museum Night will be offering concerts at the Museu de la Música, El Born and the CaixaForum, plus dance in Montjuïc and poetry at La Virreina. You can also take part in workshops at the Museu de l’Institut del Teatre, the Museu d’Arqueologia, the Museu d’Història de Catalunya, the CosmoCaixa and the CaixaForum.

Besides Barcelona, neighbouring cities will also be taking part: Badalona, Santa Coloma, Sant Adrià, L’Hospitalet, Esplugues, Cornellà and Sant Joan Despí. In all, the eight cities will have 74 spaces you can visit during the evening. Check the programme for each of them and reserve your admission here.


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