Documentary fonds

Medieval and Modern Archives

Here we preserve all the documents generated by the Barcelona municipal authority since it was created in the mid-13th century to the beginning of the 19th century. It also contains other sets of documents which, while they were not generated by the municipal authority, bear witness to the historical activity of Barcelona residents.


Graphic fonds

These include a range of different types of documents such as auques, art exhibition catalogues, goigs and other religious sheets, engravings, cotton prints, maps, Barcelona street maps and floor plans, playing cards and romanços.


Oral History Archive

Constituted in October 1983 with the donation by the English researcher Ronald Fraser, and with a dual purpose: to preserve the oral materials from historical and research sources recorded and transcribed on sound supports, and to develop projects for collecting similar sources.

This archive contains documents generated by the Consell de Cent, with the documentation of the former local government body until its suppression in 1714, and the Modern City Council, with government documents from the Bourbon period of the 18th and 19th centuries.

This brings together documents produced by autonomous and independent institutions with public functions or in the general interest. In some cases, custody of these items stems from the close link between these organisations and the City Council, and in others it is these organisations’ wish that their documents are handed over to and kept by the City Council.

Includes documents from private sources. Depending on where the documents originated from, the private archives are divided into different subsections: personal, family, businesses and cooperatives, and organisations.

Sets of documents brought together and ordered according to subjective criteria, regardless of where they come from. They may have been generated in either the municipal or the private sphere.