Fàbrica del Sol Fab Lab

The Fàbrica del Sol Fab Lab is a public service that empowers members of the public in the use of new digital manufacturing technologies. Within the Fab Lab Network, the actions of this facility are based on sustainability.

The fab lab is located inside Fàbrica del Sol, a City Council building listed as a cultural asset of local interest. The building, which was originally built as part of the Fàbrica Catalana de Gas company’s headquarters, was refurbished to embody the transition from an old industrial culture to a new approach to the use of technologies based on knowledge and respect for the natural energy, matter and water cycles, of which we all form a part.

This further promotes the development at Fàbrica del Sol of projects to help improve people’s quality of life in the area of energy self-sufficiency, as well as projects linked to the circular economy.

Any project can be redesigned from the point of view of sustainability by means of eco-design and energy saving criteria. These might include, for example, avoiding buying materials to make the projects, as reusing materials helps prevent waste and turns it into a new resource.

The facility features an open-plan area, with 3D printers, digital embroidery and sewing machines, a laminator and a vinyl stamping machine, facilitating collaborative work, where exhibitions and manufacturing and training workshops can be held. It also includes a Workshop Space where you can find large-format manufacturing technologies, such as a laser cutting machine, a CNC miller, an electric mitre saw, a plastic injector and much more.

At the Fab Labs we bring technology closer to people we provide support for projects we share knowledge by making qualified people available to you together with the necessary machinery.

Machinery the Fab Lab is equipped with


  • Sigma BCN3D 3D FDM printer
  • Sigmax BCN3D 3D FDM printer
  • RepRap BCN3D+ 3D FDM printer
  • V4 pellet extruder – MAHOR·XYZ – AnyCubic Chiron 3D printer
  • Roland MDX-40 precision mill
  • XYZprinting 3D scaner


  • PC/80KII laser cutter
  • Roland camm-1 GS-24 vinyl cutter
  • Brother Scanncut SDX1200 cutter


  • Brother PR655 digital embroidery machine
  • Singer Promise sewing machine
  • Textile vinyl plate


  • TRAVIN plastic injector
  • Plastic grinder – 3devo
  • Sheet press – R30 CR Clarke
  • Conventional oven – TEKA HE 621


  • Educational robotics learning kits (Arduino, Microbit, Makey-Makey, etc.)
  • Electronic components: resistors, motors, capacitors, wiring, etc.
  • Soldering iron


  • Manual woodworking lathe
  • Manual and electric woodworking tools
  • Makita MLS 100 circular saw
  • Makita MLT 100 circular table saw
  • Bosch PDB 40 bench drill
  • Makita electric drill
  • Dremel multitool
  • Polisher
  • Jigsaw
  • Mill
  • Heat gun
  • Wood saw
  • Metal hand saw
  • Files
  • Wood scrapers
  • Clamps
  • Electric soldering irons
  • TIG Welder
Brodadora Digital – Brother PR655

Brother PR655 digital embroidery machine

Eines de fusteria elèctriques i manuals

Manual and electric woodworking tools

FabricaSol espai


Forn convencional Teka

TEKA HE 621 conventional oven

Fresadora precisió – Roland MDX-40

Roland MDX-40 precision mill

Sigma BCN3D 3D FDM printer

Impressora 3D FDM – RepRap BCN3D+

Impressora DLP – BCN3D Lux

Impressora DLP – BCN3D Lux

Injector de plàstic – TRAVIN

Injector de plàstic – TRAVIN

Kits d’aprenentatge de robòtica

Educational robotics learning kits

Planxa per vinil tèxtil

Textile vinyl plate

Serra circular Makita MLS 100

Makita MLS 100 circular saw

Talladora làser – PC/80KII

PC/80KII laser cutter

Talladora vinil – Roland camm-1 GS-24

Roland camm-1 GS-24 vinyl cutter

Torn manual de fusta

Manual woodworking lathe

Trepant de peu Bosch PDB 40

Bosch PDB 40 bench drill




Espai Repara. Taller 'Manteniment i reparació de patinets elèctrics'

Ateneu de Fabricació Ciutat Meridiana
Av Rasos de Peguera 232 (Nou Barris)
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