Families programme

The Families programme is a dissemination initiative designed to bring the world of technology to the whole family, and in so doing close young children’s learning circle. The aim is to learn about technology and new forms of organisation as a family, as a way of strengthening the bonds between the different members and to support the youngest ones in their experiential development. The Fab Labs host different activities throughout the school year in which families can take part all together and learn in an informal creative, fun way. These activities include workshops in which elements such as conductive ink to make electric circuits, laser recording and cutting, moulding with a precision milling machine, and 3D scanning and printing, are used. They generally consist of 4 sessions, each one focusing on a different stage of digital design: ideation, design, making prototypes, and personalisation.

Vailets Hacklab Day for families with children from 3 years

FabKids Summer Camp for 12 to 17 years old