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Summer comes to Barcelona's Fab Labs

23/06/2021 - 14:28 h

The school year is over and there are various maker activities on the Fab Lab summer agendas.

3D workshops for making musical instruments, printing tee-shirts or making lamps out of cardboard using laser cutters, are just some of the activities that will be taking place at the city’s five Fab Labs:

  • Digijoves” summer course (1, 2 and 3 July | Ciutat Meridiana Fab Lab): where young people can get an introduction to the world of makers. Each day they will work on different technologies: cutting vinyl, 3D printing, laser cutting and robotics. All of this will be done through workshops and games linked to digital fabrication. Further information  (Catalan)
  • “Let’s design an object for 3D printing” (from 2 to 30 July | La Fàbrica del Sol Fab Lab): participants will learn how to design an object for 3D printing using reclaimed plastic. Then they will assemble the modular object. Further information (Catalan)
  • “Make your own percussion instrument using 3D printing and laser cutting!” (from 27 to 30 July | Les Corts Fab Lab): introduction to design, 3D printing and laser cutting by making a musical instrument. Further information (Catalan)
  • “Make Lab” course at the Punt Òmnia Gao Kaló (from 5 to 16 July | Punt Òmnia Gao Kaló and the Gràcia Fab Lab): summer course for learning and having fun with digital fabrication and an introduction to the maker world, through designing and making a buggy. Further information (Catalan)
  • “Espai 12:16: Versió estiu”, a summer digital fabrication course for young people (from 28 June to 2 July | Technology Park Fab Lab). Further information (Catalan)

Discover all these activities and many more on the “100% Summer” activities agenda at Barcelona’s Fab Labs.