Social innovation programme

The social innovation programme works to bring each Fab Lab within the reach of its local environment, and to draw out the hidden local talent there is in the community, among residents and entities. It does so by heeding the specific demands of the different groups within the “social innovation challenges” format, offering the resources and machinery the Fab Labs have at their disposal to help meet the territory’s different needs, and in doing so improve the quality of life of local residents and social cohesion.

The programme fosters citizen innovation dynamics applied to specific challenges, which are addressed by groups comprised of residents of different ages, sexes, places of origin, training and professions, and working with flexible, highly creative methodologies. It is by pooling everybody’s talents and efforts and cooperating all together for the common good that these methodologies can ensure that each person’s knowledge and capacities are made full use of.

So, if you have an innovative idea that has a social return then make sure it reaches us by contacting the person responsible for your nearest Fab Labs. If your project is of interest and is viable, we will help you find the tools and resources needed to develop and we can prototype a solution to an existing problem.