An app to discover Barcelona in novels

Literapolisbcn is a new mobile app for youngsters between 14 and 18 years old, using a gymkhana to promote reading. The activity takes players around different geographical points in the city where parts of a book are set. At each location, they must solve a riddle or a challenge to gain new clues for the next part. Players receive a prize upon completion of the route.

Each novel includes three different itineraries. The first is a way of discovering the featured book, while the others are designed for people who have already read it. Each route has ten geolocational challenges, which take three forms: specific questions with various replies to choose from, photography with the option of sharing images on Instagram, and open questions. The initial version of the app offers six novels by Barcelona authors, which go around different neighbourhoods and are aimed at youngsters, but more routes are to be added.

The new app comes within the context of the programme for Barcelona UNESCO City of Literature, which the city was designated as in 2015. The programme works to make literature a driving force for development and progress in cities.

Literapolis at Catalan Book Week

As part of Catalan Book Week, an activity is being organised for people to discover Barcelona using the Literapolisbcn app, with two days for youngsters to play it and meet the authors of the four novels currently available in Catalan. The two novels in Spanish will also be presented later on.