Barcelona Metròpolis, a space for reflection and critical thinking

The magazine Barcelona Metròpolis fosters debate and reflection on the challenges that global cities face and on the urban transformations that impact the lives of residents. During the confinement period, the print version will not be produced, but you can read the digital version and download previous issues in PDF format. We’re making it available to you as part of the #LaCulturaTAcompanya [CultureKeepsYouCompany] campaign.

Under the guidance of journalist Milagros Pérez Oliva, the magazine Barcelona Metròpolis wants to become a tool that stimulates citizen debate and contributes to critical thinking. In complex and fast-paced times, we also need spaces where we can engage in deliberate, intentional reflection, spaces that allow us to analyse and understand an ever-changing reality.

The magazine aims to be this space, and that’s why it makes all content freely available to you on its website; you can also download issues in PDF format from its online archives.

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Dossiers from the Metròpolis

To tackle the big questions that worry citizens, these dossiers invite experts to voice their opinions on topics that affect citizens. In the latest issue, we talk about the generation gap and the challenges that the youth of today face in comparison with previous generations.

In previous issues, you will find what lessons can be extracted from the 2008 economic crisis and what new social vulnerabilities have come to stay. In both, the experts also recommend measures to try and fight against social inequality.

In the “Open city” and “Digital city” dossiers, you can find some of the speakers who took part in the first Thinking Biennale, organised by the ICUB. We also dedicated an issue to reflecting on “Building the metropolis”, covering how to combine the efforts of the cities in the metropolitan area to meet the needs of the citizens: mobility, housing, work, education, etc.

There’s so much more: interviews, urban visions, stories, etc.

The magazine gives a voice to city residents through interviews. We invite you to read conversations with Lita Cabellut, Sergio Fajardo, Fina Birulés, Joan Margarit, Luis Serrano, and Lídia Heredia.

Or, if you prefer, in the Urban visions, In transit, and Open data sections, you will find reports and articles on housing, tourism, the future of work, citizen safety and more.

If after everything, you need a moment to let your imagination run wild, there’s nothing better than the stories about the city thought up by writers from Barcelona or others who have had a close relationship with the city. Marta Orriols, Víctor Garcia Tur, Kiko Amat, Ana Pacheco, and Irene Solà will surprise you.