Enjoy your Christmas, enjoy your book

Cats that walk around the city. The story of Barcelona journalism during the Franco regime. A graphic novel depicting the true stories of refugees who have come to the city. A photographic chronicle of the construction of Barcelona, and a route around a singular Barcelona. These are our suggestions for enjoying this Christmas and the festive season with good reading material.

BCN.GAT. Gatejant per la ciutat [Prowling around the city], by Isamat

Graphic artist Isamat presents a collection of drawings featuring cats, who stroll around areas of Barcelona and become city characters.


Journalists, in spite of it all. La dificultat d’informar sota el franquisme a Barcelona [The difficulty of reporting in Barcelona under the Franco Regime], by Jaume Fabre

This book is the story of a time when being a journalist was no easy matter. The story, which runs from the Civil War to the appearance of the Press Act (1939 -1966), takes a close look at a time when professional journalists adopted a variety of stances: resistance, exile, continuing in the profession and reporting on unimportant subjects, using loopholes to defend ethical values and human rights… A work that takes a close look at a generation of journalists who set an ethical example for later generations.


Un regalo para Kushbu. [A present for Kushbu] Historias que cruzan fronteras [Stories that cross frontiers], by AVV, text by Gabi Martínez

This graphic novel shows the lives of real people coming to Barcelona from various parts of the world. The project is based on the contact established between the artists and the protagonists. The illustrations describe part of their life stories.

Co-published with Astiberri.


Barcelona en construcció (1940-1970) [Barcelona Under Construction], by Leopoldo Plasencia (photographs) and Isabel Segura (texts)

This book is the story, the chronicle, of the construction of Barcelona from 1940 to 1975, based on the reporting of Leopoldo Plasencia, a photographer who had a special interest in capturing changes in the physical and human landscape, as well as the work of the people who made it possible.

Published jointly with Viena Edicions.


Barcelona singular, by Josep Maria Montaner, Isabel Aparici and Pepe Navarro (photography)

Barcelona is one of the most photographed and widely published cities in the world. Is it possible to portray a Barcelona full of history and brimming with creativity and production which also breaks away from stereotypes and continually repeated images? This book takes a look at places which are inaccessible to the public, emblematic locations, so that readers can discover unknown corners, details and perspectives of our city.

Co-published with Comanegra.