The charm of iconic commerce

Barcelona’s model of commerce is unique, as are the establishments which for over a century have helped build it. Today these iconic shops with their own hallmark and personality offer a living testimony of our commercial historical memory which must undoubtedly be preserved.

The book Barcelona: L’encís del comerç emblemàtic [Barcelona: The charm of iconic commerce] is part of the ‘Quaderns de Viatge’ collection and brings this reality closer to us through the illustrations or Patrícia Soler. The book takes us on a route around the neighbourhoods where all these centenarian shops are looking to promote their role as city landmarks and for the public to get to know them.

Lifelong Barcelona commerce experienced by our great grandparents, grandparents and parents will also be experienced by our children if we teach them how to look after it, not only as traditional neighbourhood commerce, but also as historical heritage, as many of these shops offer unique architecture, façades and furniture which must be preserved.

All books published by Barcelona City Council can be purchased at the Sala Ciutat.