The new book, “Park Güell and its origins, 1894-1926”, reveals previously unpublished material

This new book about Park Güell, funded with money raised from entrance tickets to the enclosure and published by the Barcelona History Museum (MUHBA), the Institute of Culture (ICUB) and Barcelona City Council, stands out because it is the result of painstaking research into original sources, revealing information that was previously unknown.

The authors, Mireia Freixa and Mar Leniz, follow the project’s construction in detail, but rather that deal with the park in isolation, they treat it as a substantial part of Barcelona’s urban fabric. They therefore look at the property from an administrative and registry perspective, review urban planning patterns and highlight the process that led to the initial residential project, linked to the lives of Güell and Gaudí, which was finally turned into a public park.

Some of the new data used in the book include the precise date of the park’s inauguration and one of Gaudí unknown facets, as the set designer for the shows that were planned for the enclosure.

The monograph’s presentation took place on 14 December in Park Güell, under the guidance of the authors and Joan Roca, the director of the Barcelona History Museum (MUHBA). The event was attended by 120 people Those attending were able to enjoy a guided visit around various points in the park, accompanied by the authors and the Orquestrina Synerenca, who performed pieces that were contemporary with the construction of the park and traditional songs.