21 June, 2017 - 13:37

Urban planning and gender: for a more egalitarian city

Barcelona Metròpolis. Have you given any thought to how women and men use the city? The dossier Urban planning and gender proposes how to rethink the city to balance between women and men both productive and care-giving tasks.

22 May, 2017 - 17:30

Barcelona opens the door to its most unique buildings and spaces

Architecture. The book “345 ways of living (in) Barcelona”, published by the Barcelona City Council, shows what it is like to live in the city today using the buildings showcased in the 48h Open House Barcelona Festival.

Dalí emula Cristòfor Colom davant del monument del descobridor d’Amèrica, al port de Barcelona.
Foto: J. Postius. Arxiu Fotogràfic de Barcelona
31 March, 2017 - 15:20

Barcelona blood in the veins of Dalí

Culture. Published by Barcelona City Council and written by Ricard Mas, ‘Dalí i Barcelona’ looks at the artist’s relationship with the city, with numerous new insights.

2 February, 2017 - 13:07

'Barcelona Supermodel', wins the 2016 Ciutat de Barcelona Award

Awards The essay "Barcelona Supermodel" has won the 2016 Ciutat de Barcelona Award, in the History of Barcelona category.

29 September, 2016 - 18:39

Barcelona’s socially transforming relationship with books

Books. ‘Barcelona, ciutat de llibres’ looks at the close relationship between the city and books, and how they have helped shape public spaces.

1 August, 2016 - 09:00

The city of a thousand symbols

Culture. The new book ‘Barcelona, ciutat simbòlica’, published by Barcelona City Council, looks at the monuments, images and iconic streets in the city.

Barcelona Metròpolis 100
25 July, 2016 - 17:30

‘Barcelona Metròpolis’, 100 números i 30 anys de vida

Barcelona Metròpolis. La nostra revista arriba al número 100 després de trenta anys de publicació gairebé ininterrompuda.

Coberta i contracoberta del llibre 'Poesia Contracultural Barcelona'
17 June, 2016 - 13:37

Poets of Barcelona's counter culture

The Sala Ciutat was filled with poetry, lots of poetry, at the presentation of Poesia Contracultura Barcelona, a compilation of poems and documents from eighteen dead poets, presented by David Castillo and Marc Valls.

22 April, 2016 - 17:25

The Sala Ciutat reinvents itself

Cultural facility. The premises reopen as a bookshop specialising in the city and as a venue promoting local illustrations.

18 April, 2016 - 08:23

Gabriel Casas, the photographer of the impossible angle

Homage. A biography containing over 140 images highlights the legacy of this Barcelona photojournalist.

Imatge de les pàgines interiors del llibre 'Pinzellades de Barcelona' de Xavier Julià
30 March, 2016 - 16:25

Barcelona sketched

Picture. You can now enjoy three books on Barcelona in sketches. Three very different artistic styles that show us an original and surprising city.

4 March, 2016 - 17:03

Marina Espasa to coordinate the ‘Barcelona City of Literature’ office.

Literature. The writer and journalist has been tasked with creating the projects which will consolidate Barcelona as a UNESCO City of Literature.

2 February, 2016 - 08:25

The city’s oldest mountain bookshop celebrates its centenary

Commerce. The Quera bookshop opened a hundred years ago and has specialised in publications on the outdoors since 1966.

15 January, 2016 - 08:43

The golden age of circus in Barcelona

History. The Circ Eqüestre Barceloní in Pl. Catalunya and the Teatre Circ Olympia, in Av. Paral·lel, shaped the last 200 years of circus history.

16 December, 2015 - 17:59

Barcelona to work on a new plan to boost literature

Literature. The literary world today marked the designation of Barcelona as a UNESCO City of Literature.

11 December, 2015 - 15:52

UNESCO recognises Barcelona as a City of Literature

Culture. The designation will mean an exchange of experiences and a boost for collaborative projects.

10 December, 2015 - 17:33

Barcelona, illustrated via 30 different visions

Exhibitions. The creative centre in Gràcia, Las Cosas de Martínez, is presenting an exhibition entitled ‘Barcelona Illustrada’, whereby 30 illustrators show their vision of the city.

5 November, 2015 - 15:40

The book shop with free books

Literature. Aimed at making reading accessible for everybody, an association for free books lets users take away books without paying for them.

4 November, 2015 - 11:40

The 1860 bestseller ‘Barcelona and its mysteries’ is published in Catalan

Literature. City Council has published the bestselling novel by Antonio Altadill in Catalan for the first time.

9 October, 2015 - 08:15

A book on early photojournalism in Barcelona

Publications. Published by City Council, ‘Reporters gràfics: Barcelona 1900-1939’ aims to help rebuild the city’s graphic memory.