Barcelona. Fotògrafes/Fotógrafas

Isabel Segura Soriano (edition and text), D. A. (Photography)

La Fábrica

Women photographers have very often been forgotten in the construction of the modern image of Barcelona. Now we are calling for them to be seen, both those from here and those from outside, so that they too take a leading role when the city is described through images. Barcelona. Fotògrafes/Fotógrafas, with editing and text by Isabel Segura, is the first book to reconstruct the history of the city through the viewpoint of women photographers. 

You will find photographs by Pilar Aymerich, Consuelo Bautista, Joana Biarnés, Anna Boyé, Milagros Caturla Soriano, Colita, Silvia T. Colmenero, Carme Garcia Padrosa, Kati Horna, Dora Maar, Roser Martínez Rochina, Anna Maria Martínez Sagi, Margaret Michaelis, Marta Povo, Guillermina Puig, Marta Sentís, Rosa Szücs del Olmo, Gerda Taro, Anna Turbau, Montserrat Vidal i Barraquer and Pilar Villarrazo. 


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    Darrera la Càmera

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