Barcelona. La ciutat del present

The city of the present / La ville du présent / La ciudad del presente

Antonio Lajusticia (Photography), Jordi Graupera (Prologue)

Barcelona is the result of facts, events, changes, progress... in other words: its history. A history that passes before our eyes like a succession of speeded-up frames, each of which offer us a unique and very vivid image: Barcelona today. The photographs that make up this book allow us to see the outcome of this slow process, which has been unfolding over many years and has resulted in the creation of the modern, cosmopolitan, 21st-century Barcelona. This book is illustrated with photographs that show today's modern Barcelona, yet it also reveals traces of the past that has made the city what it is today.

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    21 x 21 cm


    • City

    • History

    • Photography