Cròniques del fang. Quan els diaris van donar veu als barris

Barcelona 1966-1983

Jaume Fabre

This book looks at these feverish years and those who pursued journalism to provide the most combative of local news in Barcelona. These are accounts of the mire of corruption which had shaped municipal management during the Franco years, written by the first journalists to start fighting it, who made their way around poorly planned urban neighbourhoods and gave a voice in the newspapers to those who had never had one. The book will delve you into the mire of experiences, anecdotes, memories and even “wounds” of those at the centre of things, among whom the figure of Josep Maria Huertas Clavería stands out. The book pays homage to them all, to those who from highly diverse personal and ideological perspectives took a new and different type of journalism into the neighbourhoods, pursued amid crumbling socio-economic and political structures. This period is now reflected for all time in the history of local journalism and local history in Barcelona.

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    21,5 x 26 cm


    Barcelona, ciutat i barris

    • Journalism

    • Memory

    • Neighbour's fight

    • Society

    • History

    • City

    • Neighborhoods