Dibuixem Drawing Barcelona

De la muntanya al mar. From the mountain to the sea

Urban Sketchers Barcelona

Through each artist’s individual style, using ink, pencil and watercolours, urban cartoonists, or sketchers as they are often called, capture the city in action and transfer it to their sketchbooks. This book, which is a celebration of a wide variety of drawing styles, takes you on a tour of unique and everyday places across all of Barcelona’s districts, from the mountains to the sea. Barcelona's sketchers have made a name for themselves worldwide and their drawings have been able to capture a city that is incredibly inspiring for artists, whether because of its architecture or due to the climate and its special light. This book features many of the artists who have been part of our "Travel Diary" collection, which brought to light every district in Barcelona through more than thirty travel sketchbooks drawn right on the streets. Now you too have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a Barcelona that is as diverse as the eyes that observe it!

  • Catalan English

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    21,5 x 25,5 cm


    • Sketching

    • Drawing quadern viatge

    • Illustration

    • Neighbourhood

    • City

    • Art

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