Els 4 gats

Les set vides d'un local emblemàtic de Barcelona

Jordi Notó i Brullas

Viena Edicions

A chronicle of the extraordinary renaissance of Els Quatre Gats, one of the most iconic cafés in Barcelona. While it was open, between June 1897 and July 1903, it managed to project its aureole of Bohemian lair and cradle of local and universal geniuses (Ramon Casas, Santiago Rusiñol, Pablo Picasso and the singular Pere Romeu were just a few of its leading lights). There is, however, a barely-known episode that made a decisive contribution to keeping the memory alive: the heroic reopening of Carrer Montsió in 1978, featuring a group of young people from a generation thirsty for cultural freedom. Written by the brother of one of the power houses behind the adventure, this book describes it all in detail.

  • Catalan

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    20 x 24 cm



    • Modern style

    • Public Space

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