Els camins antics de Barcelona

21 itineraris de senderisme urbà seguint les traces dels camins antics al Pla de Barcelona

Xavier Martínez Edo

Cossètania Edicions

Is it possible to go hiking in the city? This book invites you to walk along trails that are no longer there. Trails that no longer exist because where they were created – some over two thousand years ago – there is now the vast expanse of buildings that occupies the whole plain of Barcelona. So, this book of walking routes is an urban hiking guide. The twenty-one routes put forward by the author correspond to the old trails that crossed the Barcelona plain. Many endured with few modifications until modern times, generally until they were lost when the Eixample was urbanised. In all cases, they have left behind modest, highly unusual references, physical evidence and even unchanged sections. This is why this old network of trails has been plotted on the current map of the city of Barcelona: so that walkers can explore them and discover details, hidden spots, buildings, urban routes and historical elements relating to times long past. All in all, this is a different way of discovering Barcelona on foot.

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    Barcelona, ciutat i barris

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