L'anarquisme barceloní a l'inici del segle XX

Antoni Dalmau

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Through the insightful and penetrating gaze of Antoni Dalmau – a specialist in the study of labour activism and social violence at the turn of the twentieth century and author of outstanding books such as El procés de Montjuïc and El cas Rull – this book offers readers a rare chance to delve into the libertarian movement that took place at the tumultuous start of the twentieth century. The author draws up a map of Barcelona anarchism in the early years of the new century and traces the paths of the men who led it. Men who, for the most part, avoided terrorism, but who had to coexist with the violent outbreaks led by Joan Rull and the Frenchman Maurice Bernardon. This book is undoubtedly a fundamental contribution to the history of Barcelona anarchism in the early years of the twentieth century, a period marked by workers’ struggles, violence, repression, police corruption and social tensions, all enveloped in a convulsive society.

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    Barcelona ciutat i barris

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