Periodistes, malgrat tot

La dificultat d’informar sota el franquisme a Barcelona. Resistents, possibilistes i col·laboracionistes

Jaume Fabre

This book looks at a time in Barcelona’s history when being a journalist was no easy profession. It is set in the period running from the Civil War to the passing of the Press Law (1939-1966), and delves into an époque when each journalist took a stance in reaction to their profession’s censorship: resistance, exile, how the profession continued despite banal subject matter, making the most of loopholes in the law to defend ethical values, human rights, and so on. A study that gives us an insight into a generation of journalists who were an example of integrity for the generations that followed.

  • Catalan

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    21,5 x 25,5 cm


    • Journalism

    • Franco's regime

    • Communication

    • History

    • Society

    • Culture

    • Politics