Somorrostro. Mirades literàries

Enric H. March (Editor)

The book you are holding is an important contribution towards putting on the map what was, for the best part of a century, an over-crowded and little-known part of the city of Barcelona. Enric H. March brings us a wide variety of literary points of view from authors such as Josep Maria Carandell, Juan Goytisolo, Terenci Moix and Josep Pla, among others, accompanied by photographs that enable us to understand how Barcelona saw, or rather, deliberately ignored, a part of its reality. A view of a Somorrostro that was capable of both provoking disgust and arousing fascination.

  • Catalan Spanish

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    16 x 24 cm


    • Literature

    • Photography

    • Writer

    • Sant Martí

    • Neighbourhood

    • Gipsy people

    • History

    • Society