• 'Topografia de la destrucció' Els bombardeigs de Barcelona durant la Guerra Civil (1936-1939)

    The fascists’ aerial bombings

    With images from the Filmoteca de Catalunya (Laya Films, 1938), we present this book that documents the most complete and exhaustive census of the bombardments over Barcelona during the Civil War.


  • "Barcelones" de Vázquez Montalbán, 30 anys després

    'Barcelones' de Vázquez Montalbán, thirty years after

    Presentation in the garden of Carrer Elisabets in the Raval district of the new edition of Barcelones, by Manuel Váz

  • Altell Il·lustrat - Obra de Miguel Bustos

    New illustration at Sala Ciutat

    Sala Ciutat is a bookshop that specialises in books about the city of Barcelona as well as a gallery for illustrators to display their work in the “Altell Il·lustrat”.

  • Aplicació i realitat augmentada del llibre 345 MANERES DE VIURE (A) BARCELONA

    345 ways of living (in) Barcelona

    Architectural spaces in Barcelona. Over 262,000 people have visited the first six editions of the 48h Open House BCN festival, now available in photos and videos.

  • "Barcelona ciutat de llibre", una relació literària inseparable

    Barcelona and literature, a relationship that has transformed society

    Barcelona, ciutat de llibres relates the close relationship between the city and the literary world, and how books have helped create new public spaces. 

  • La Sala Ciutat renova la imatge

    The Sala Ciutat renews its image

    Joan Negrescolor is the artist whose work is currently on display at the Altell Il·lustrat, a space where the city’s illustrators can exhibit their art and which is updated twice a year: for the Mercè and for Sant Jordi.

  • La ciutat dels mil símbols

    The city of a thousand symbols

    This new book, Barcelona, ciutat simbòlica, published by Barcelona City Council, examines the city’s iconic monuments, images and streets.

  • Un homenatge a divuit poetes oblidats

    A homage to eighteen forgotten poets

    Poesia contracultura Barcelona is an illustrated anthology of eighteen poets from the 1970s and 80s, who are no longer living.

  • Explorem Barcelona!

    Let’s explore Barcelona!

    For all the family! Thirty-five missions and riddles to be solved. Follow the routes, scan the QR codes and discover the secrets of Barcelona. Collect points as you go and earn your super explorer certificate! 

  • Perico Pastor il·lustra el futur 'Quadern de viatge del Poblenou'

    Perico Pastor, the illustrator of 'El Poblenou torna a ser nou'

    Since 1999, the Catalan painter, draftsman and illustrator, Peric Pastor, has worked in his studio in the Poble Nou neighbourhood of Barcelona. Previously, he spent thirteen years living and working in New York, where he had his first exhibition in 1980.

  • La Sala Ciutat es reinventa

    The Sala Ciutat reinvents itself

    The City Hall's Sala Ciutat is reinventing itself as a bookshop specialising in books on Barcelona and as a space for displaying works from the illustration sector. Books, city and illustrations are the three foundations of a project that is set to grow.

  • L’època daurada del circ a Barcelona

    The golden age of circus in Barcelona

    From the end of the eighteenth century until the mid twentieth century, Barcelona was witness to the golden age of the circus. As well as the many travelling circuses that visited the city, people could also enjoy the permanent show, the Circo Ecuestre Barcelonés.