• Perico Pastor il·lustra el futur 'Quadern de viatge del Poblenou'

    Perico Pastor, the illustrator of 'El Poblenou torna a ser nou'

    Since 1999, the Catalan painter, draftsman and illustrator, Peric Pastor, has worked in his studio in the Poble Nou neighbourhood of Barcelona. Previously, he spent thirteen years living and working in New York, where he had his first exhibition in 1980.

  • La Sala Ciutat es reinventa

    The Sala Ciutat reinvents itself

    The City Hall's Sala Ciutat is reinventing itself as a bookshop specialising in books on Barcelona and as a space for displaying works from the illustration sector. Books, city and illustrations are the three foundations of a project that is set to grow.

  • L’època daurada del circ a Barcelona

    The golden age of circus in Barcelona

    From the end of the eighteenth century until the mid twentieth century, Barcelona was witness to the golden age of the circus. As well as the many travelling circuses that visited the city, people could also enjoy the permanent show, the Circo Ecuestre Barcelonés.

  • Carlos Pérez de Rozas, el fotoperiodista més prolífic de Barcelona

    Pérez de Rozas, crónica gràfica de Barcelona 1931-1954

    Carlos Pérez de Rozas, Barcelona’s most prolific photojournalist

  • Els inicis del fotoperiodisme barceloní, recuperats en un llibre

    A book on early photojournalism in Barcelona

    Alessandro Merletti, Adolf Mas, Josep Maria Sagarra, Agustí Centelles and others were the pioneers of photojournalism in Barcelona early in the 20th century. They documented everything in the street which would become newspaper stories.

  • Descobreix el simbolisme de la Barcelona gòtica

    Barcelona gòtica

    During the 14th and 15th centuries, Barcelona enjoyed a privileged position in the Mediterranean and was a hotbed of creativity which has been reflected in architecture, sculpture and paintings of an unmistakable Gothic style.

  • El llibre Barcelona retrata la ciutat a partir de 300 fotografies


    How cosmopolitan, elegant, subtle, committed and influential can Barcelona be? Close to three hundred photos from the 19th century to the present day answer this question.

  • Regala Cultura, Regala Llibres... Barcelona

    Regala Cultura, regala Barcelona


    Guia Metro a Metro

    Espriu i Barcelona

    La Sardana a Barcelona

    Llibre Blanc, Barcelona, capital d'un nou estat

  • Itineraris. Joan Coromines

    Itineraris Joan Coromines

    With the book Itineraris de Joan Coromines, the travel writings of one of the most notable linguists are presented to the public for the first time.

  • La Barcelona de ‘Gaziel’

    Gaziel's Barcelona

    An anthology of Gaziel's articles on Barcelona, published in La Vanguardia between 1919 and 1933, and which the author himself chose for a future publication he did not live to see.

  • Totes les Barcelones tenen un llibre

    Every Barcelona has his own book

    At Sala Ciutat’s Bookstore, the inspiring space of Barcelona, with around 400 square meters at the citizens’ disposal, the book offer is large and varied. More than six hundred titles including history, architecture, art or Barcelona’s landscape.

  • Barcelona la ciutat del Present 2a edició

    Book trailer for "The city of the present"

    You can find in your bookshops the second edition of The city of the present, which includes new and impressive photographs of the city.