Barcelona Wifi

Service faq

1. What is Barcelona WiFi?

Barcelona WiFi is a Barcelona City Council service that allows you to carry out simple Internet browsing through WiFi Access Points, or hotspots, located in various municipal amenities. For further information, please consult the service web page (

2. Where can I access Barcelona WiFi?

Not all City Council amenities offer the Barcelona WiFi service so, if you want to use it, you need to consult the up-to-date hotspot map you will always find on (

You can also recognise the centres where the service is available because it is indicated by a sign on the door. Once inside, signs or the centre staff will direct you to the WiFi area

WiFi areas have a specific sign so you can tell if you are in a hotspot coverage area.

  • Senyalització d'espais wifi

    This is the sign you will find on the door of centres with WiFi.

  • Senyalització de cobertura wifi

    This is the sign you will find in Barcelona WiFi hotspot coverage areas.

3. What do I need to access Barcelona WiFi?

All you need to access the service is an IT device (laptop, tablet, Smart phone ...) that has a wireless connection and which meets the technical requirements which can be found at and your email address.

4. What services can Barcelona WiFi offer me?

Internet access: this allows Internet browsing, except for websites with violent, racist, pornographic and similar content. The connection has a speed limit of 256 kbps set by the service regulator (Telecommunications Market Commission) in accordance with existing legislation. [Circular 1/2010, issued by the Telecommunications Market Commission (CMT), which regulates the conditions for public authority network use and e-communication service provision.].]

5. Do I need to register with a user name or password?

No, you don’t need user name or password, but in order to use the Barcelona WiFi service users must register on Barcelona WiFi portal using email and place of residence.

6. What are the connection times?

Service provision times are always linked to the opening times of the particular Barcelona WiFi centre. They vary according to the type of centre and can be found in the service user manual (

7. How can I access Barcelona WiFi?

The service access manual is available on the service website (

8. What is the maximum speed the service offers? Why is the connection so slow?

Barcelona WiFi access to internet content is subject to speed restrictions set by theregulator, the Telecommunications Market Commission. The speed restriction applied means only simple internet browsing is allowed. The permitted download speed at the various centres is roughly 200 kbps, although this limit may be subject to change in the future

9. Is a wireless connection secure? Is data encrypted?

SSL connections Any data exchanged with the portal is encrypted but once the internet has been accessed responsibility falls on the final domain. You are therefore advised to ensure the other end is reliable when you exchange sensitive information over the internet. The internet you connect to is the same environment you find at home and good internet practice also applies and is recommended on the municipal network.

10. What is the coverage radius of the access points?

WiFi access points theoretically have a radius of between 20 and 50 metres in closed spaces and between 100 and 150 metres in the open air. These figures may vary considerably, depending on the surrounding conditions (barriers, interference, etc.). To make sure the service is available, look for and move close to the Barcelona WiFi sign.

11. How does the service connection process work?

In order to free up user internet resources the sysem disconnects after 30 minutes of inactivity. That explains why, when you start using the internet again, the system redirects you to the portal home page. You only need accept the terms and conditions and use your email address and place of residence to use the service again.

12. How can I return to the portal if I need to when I am browsing?

You can always return to the portal by typing into the browser address bar. Most browsers will also let you use a shortcut by simply typing control.

13. Why are there some pages I cannot access?

The service restricts what you can access. This restriction applies to websites with violent, racist, pornographic or similar content. The decision to block content is shown in an exception or error window.

14. Why can I not download P2P files?

The Barcelona WiFi service aims to encourage the use of new technologies and create a simple tool whereby members of the public can consult the internet, where the focus is on browsing. Consequently, P2P file exchanges of any kind, the use of IP telephony or software other than browsing software is not regarded as part of the service and is not allowed by the system. Technically only the http (80) and https (443) protocols are allowed, once you have read and accepted the terms and conditions of use on the Barcelona WiFi service home page, naturally.

15. What should I do if I think content subject to restricted use should be enabled?

Fill in and send the contact form on the service website ( by following the contact link.

16. Who do I contact with if I have an incidence?

To contact us just by following the contact link on the service website (

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