Barcelona Wifi

What is Barcelona Wifi?

Barcelona WiFi is a Barcelona City Council service that enables you to connect to the Internet through WiFi access points, or hotspots, located in various municipal amenities and various public access points.

Barcelona WiFi is a service that provides users with simple internet browsing access and, to this end, access to content can only be made through web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, etc. This service also provides citizens with access to information on and electronic procedures offered by the City Council. Through the Barcelona WiFi service Barcelona City Council aims to encourage citizens to access the internet and make it easier for citizens to incorporate this technology into their every day lives.

To access Barcelona WiFi from any of the service access points, all you require is an IT device (laptop computer, tablet, smart phone...) with a WiFi connection and an email address. To consult the technical requirements in more details, see the service user manual.

To access the Service, Users must comply with the general terms and conditions of use of the service. Failure to comply with any of the provisions set out in the terms and conditions of use may result in the Barcelona WiFi service being withdrawn from the user. To start making the most of the Service, you should make sure you are within range of the antennas. Once you've made a connection using the Barcelona WiFi homepage you can accept the terms and conditions and use your email address and place of residence to register. A validation email will be sent to your address, you need to open it and click “Begin to navigate”.

Types of browsing available

Once you have accessed the home page of the service, you will be able to access:

Internet access

enables you to browse the internet except for pages with content considered ethically dubious. So as not to alter the market, in accordance with current legislation, the connection speed is limited to 256 Kbps.

Access information on the city

Aagenda, guide, among others.

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