Barcelona Wifi


Send WiFi Post Code to 217010.

The Barcelona WiFi SMS Service lets you check on your mobile which municipal locations have a Barcelona WiFi connection available inside a particular city post code.

What message do you have to send?

Simply send an SMS from your mobile phone to the number 217010 with the word WiFi "espai" and the post code for where you want to find out about centres with a Barcelona WiFi connection.

For example:
WiFi 08016
The cost of the message is €0.15 + VAT.

What answer will you get?

When you send the SMS to 217010 requesting information on centres corresponding to a post code you will immediately receive an SMS with the addresses (street, number) of all the centres, taking into account maximum SMS text restrictions.

The response you receive if you send WiFi 08016 will be: Pl. Àngel:
Pl. Àngel Pestaña, 1
Pl. Sóller, 1
Rosselló i Porcel, 7

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