Campaign 2017

Using the slogan ‘You can’t turn your back on sexist violence’, the 2017 campaign against gender violence went further than just condemning violence by taking firm action and backing collective commitments towards various types of male violence.

The campaign message was conveyed with the creative game 'don’t turn your back on sexist violence’, organised in two stages. The first used the slogan ‘you can’t turn your back’, without revealing the content of the communication, then the second revealed it: ‘You can’t turn your back on sexist violence’. This was backed up with other slogans: ‘We want women alive’, ‘Not one more’, No means no’ and ‘Respect’.

As part of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on 25 November, a special campaign was conducted with shops in the Hostafrancs neighbourhood, which were given window stickers, posters, a public awareness leaflet and t-shirts with the different slogans on. Shopkeepers were also encouraged to turn items in their window displays the other way around and in that way demonstrate their adherence to the campaign message. Photocalls were also set up at two places in the city to give people the chance to have their photo taken and put it on a badge to publicise the campaign.

The various municipal prevention and support services for cases of gender violence were also promoted during the campaign.

Images from the campaign