#NiMitja from illustration

Some twenty illustrators were invited to join in Barcelona City Council’s outreach campaign “BCNantimasclista” with the aim of publicising and denouncing the various forms and interpretations of male violence against women via the social media.

Coordinated by Júlia Solans (@guisante​​), each illustrator approached this commission of interpreting the official campaign #MiMitja in their own way, opening up a very diverse range of artistic images: micro male chauvinism, violence, control, abuse and so on. These images have been made freely available with a CC licence.

We ask you to spread them via the internet and invite others to do so too. We also invite you to use the hashtags #NiMitja and #BCNantimasclista and take another step towards making Barcelona a benchmark in the fight against male chauvinism.

Alfonso Casas
Amaia Arrazola
Ana Belén Rivero
Andrés Requena
Catalina Estrada
Ed Carosia
Elisa Munsó
Flavita Banana
Georgina Gerónimo
Ivan Castro
Jet Defrost
Joan Negrescolor
Laia Arqueros
Maria Corte
Monstruo Espagueti
Noemí Rebull
Olga Capdevila