Citizen Agreement for a Barcelona free of violence against women

The Citizen Agreement for a Barcelona free of violence against women dates back to 21 November 2002, as a result of the recommendations made at the 1st Barcelona Women's Congress, which was held in 1999 on the initiative of the Barcelona Women's Council.

Barcelona City Council has been promoting its Citizen Agreement ever since as a strategy of collaboration with civil society and citizens as a whole to tackle gender violence more effectively. Barcelona City Council is driving ahead with the eradication of any form of violence against women, by encouraging companies, associations and individuals to join the citizen agreement.

The Citizen Agreement is part of the commitment to implement the Gender Justice Plan for 2016-2020, under the Government measure for improving the system for a comprehensive approach to gender violence and the Strategic Plan for Preventing Sexism in the City for 2017-2022.

Commitments arising from the Agreement

  • To make a public and explicit commitment to a Barcelona free of any kind of violence against women.
  • To help to prevent gender violence, through informative, awareness-raising and preventive actions.
  • For signatories to the Agreement to make a firm resolution to work from within their own organisations to incorporate this perspective into their everyday operations. To renovate and update their principles, internal operations and content and the activities they carry out, as well as to improve services for the general public, as they are essential for contributing to non-discrimination and fostering the elimination of violence against women.

Implications of the Agreement

  • Barcelona City Council is putting a range of awareness-raising and preventive activities at the disposal of member organisations, including talks, audiovisual sessions and workshops.
  • Signatory organisations and associations undertake to carry out their own initiatives to highlight their commitment to the agreement.
  • Year after year, the Citizen Agreement has been ratified during the official commemoration ceremony of 25 November, which is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

How to sign up to the Agreement
Applications for signing up to the Agreement can be made through the application form you will find on this page.

Further information
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