Protocols of the city council

City mourning protocol against gender violence - 2016

The city mourning protocol presented here is made up of two parts: an external one aimed at the public as a whole, setting out the initiatives that the City Council will carry out to demonstrate to all city residents and family members close to the victim its institutional rejection of such violence; and another, internal one, setting out the initiatives, coordinating and roles of the various services and players involved in interventions against gender violence as a means of responding to a possible situation of femicide.

Protocol "We won't keep quiet" against sexual assault in night-time leisure venues

The nightlife venues, like the rest of the spaces we inhabit, can be areas for capturing and approaching that can end up in a sexual aggression in the public space, public transport or a home, the places where most frequently these samples of gender violence are produced. The Department of Feminisms and LGTBI of the Barcelona City Council has designed this protocol and carried out a contrast and assessed the feasibility in collaboration with various spaces and associations of nightlife in the city to guarantee them the implementation.

RVD-BCN Protocol for evaluating the risk of violence against women by their present or former partners - 2011

Effective network between the various services and professionals who intervene from several areas (social services, health care, police, justice, judiciary and education) to act more efficiently in situations of violence against women.

Social-action roles - Interventions in situations of gender violence among couples - 2009

An eminently practical document that provides basic tools for Primary-Care Social-Service team professionals to improve their care for women and their young children in gender violence situations and be able to detect such violence even where the women involved are not openly explicit about it.


Recommendations guide for the detection of gender-based violence in men

Prepared by the Barcelona Circuit against violence against women with the participation of its professionals, this guide aims to be an aid to the professionals of the public network of Barcelona, so that they can better detect and approach situations of gender violence, adapting the methodologies of work for a better attention to the men -and of rebound to their families- in a context of gender violence.


Other protocols

Action protocol against sexual assaults (2015 Poble-sec Big Annual Festival)

This protocol is written by and for those of us who organise festa majors (big annual festivals) in Poble-sec. Our aim is to make our own small contribution to the fight against sexism and create spaces where we can relate to one another safely, with consent, freely and on an equal footing, etc. That is why we are talking about “empowerment”, as a cross-cutting goal. The idea is to ensure a place for safety and trust where, in the event of a sexual assault, the people affected feel they have sufficient support and trust to act for themselves. Even so, we wish to train ourselves to act and take on joint responsibility, and we wish to learn to mark limits and understand consent so we can raise awareness of this process.

Treatment of gender violence in the mass media

These recommendations were promoted by:

  • Catalan Women Journalists’ Association
  • Catalan Journalists’ Association
  • Catalan Information Board
  • Women in the Media Observatory
  • Area of Equality and Citizenship at the Barcelona Provincial Council
  • Barcelona City Council’s Women's Programme
  • Secretariat for Family Policies and Citizen Rights (Department of Social Action and Citizenship)
  • Safety Programme against Gender Violence (Department of Home Affairs, Institutional Relations and Participation)
  • Catalan Audiovisual Council
  • Catalan Women’s Institute (Department of Social Action and Citizenship)


Recommendations for informative, balanced treatment of immigrant women in the media

ACSUR Catalunya, the Committee for Solidarity Journalism at the Journalists’ Association, Round Table for Diversity at the Catalan Audiovisual Council, Union of Journalists, Immigrant Women’s Network, Women Journalists’ Network and the International Network of Catalan Women Journalists and Communicators-International Network of Journalists with a Gender Perspective.