Barcelona acts against Islamophobia

The Municipal Plan Against Islamophobia is part of the fight against hate speech and discrimination being pushed by the “Barcelona City of Rights” programme. It has the following goals: to draw attention to Islamophobia as a form of discrimination; to counteract the spread of negative ideas about Islam and Muslim people and normalise religious diversity in the city; and to strengthen mechanisms to combat Islamophobic discrimination.

The event “ACTION AGAINST ISLAMOPHOBIA, proposals to combat discrimination” was held in Barcelona on 12 December 2016, a day that brought together the philosopher and writer Santiago Alba Rico; Amparo Sánchez Rossell, president of the Citizens’ Platform Against Islamophobia; and Jaume Asens, Fourth Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Citizens’ Rights, Participation and Transparency at Barcelona City Council. This meeting served to shed light on the reality of Islamophobia, inserting it into the socio-political context where it is produced and reproduced.

You can watch the videos of the event here:

and the video of the interview to Santiago Alba Rico: