Training in mobile devices for people over the age of 55

A digital-skills training-course project from the Pere Tarrés Foundation and the Vodafone Foundation, aimed at people over the age of 55 and focusing on the use of mobile devices.
Everyone taking part will have to bring their smart mobile phone.

Internet on your mobile

Discover the possibilities that the internet offers you from your mobile!
This workshop will teach you how to use your phone’s settings to access the internet, use browsers and create and manage a new email account from your mobile. You’ll find out about the apps that are available and how to download the ones of use to you

WhatsApp and other apps on your mobile

Discover how WhatsApp and other apps work.
This workshop will teach you how to revise the settings of your Google account and access to the internet. You’ll find out how to download and install apps such as WhatsApp, accessible apps, Google Maps, email, transport information.

Participating Libraries

B. Poblenou-Manuel Arranz 
B. Montserrat Abelló
B. Xavier Benguerel 
B. Horta-Can Mariner
B. Joan Miró 

Anyone wishing to sign up for these courses or workshops must have a library card and may enrol either online or in person at the library. The enrolment period at all Barcelona libraries starts on the 15th of the previous month.