Laptop loan

Several of Barcelona's libraries have a WiFi connection and laptops with office IT programmes which users may use freely, so long as they book them in advance.

The laptop loan service is aimed at users over the age of 14 and at minors accompanied by an adult who is in charge of them. One laptop may be requested per person and used exclusively within the library premises.

Laptops are only available to users who have a Library Card.

When you come to pick up your computer you will need to identify yourself with your library card and national ID / foreign-resident ID or current passport. All laptops and accessories must be returned in the same conditions that they were received in.

Users are allowed up to 32 Multimedia Spaces sessions; each time a user makes use of a laptop, they use up one of these sessions. Loan times are for a maximum of 3 sessions and may not be extended. The sessions are for a maximum of 60 minutes and start immediately.

Bookings are kept for 30 minutes from the start time, after which they will be cancelled and the computers will become free.

Users are responsible for ensuring the upkeep of the equipment loaned to them

You will be able to ask for advice from the support staff at set times.

Libraries offering this service:

Montserrat Abelló Library
Sant Gervasi-Joan Maragall Library