Families’ corner

The Families' corner offers information related with the world of the childhood: pregnancybreast-feedingraising childrenchildren's nutritiongames and entertainment for all children, among other things. It is targeted at parents, guardians, educators and people who look after children.

Barcelona's libraries also offer activities for advising parents on reading to their children and introducing the very young to the world of books:

  • The "What shall we read" activity is a meeting point for parents and educators where an expert in children's literature introduces and recommends themed selections from books on aspects of children's environments (friendship, school, tolerance, fears etc.) The aim is to provide the tools for getting young children interested in books and explaining the importance of reading in child development. There is also an area for questions and sharing experiences.
  • The "First Steps" activity is aimed at familiarising newborns with the world of books during their first year of life. This is done through a range of sensory activities that invite infants to look, touch and listen: visual shows, musical concerts and storytelling workshops. The idea is to give families a place where they can interact with books and with their children, and give them the tools to continue at home.