Loans service

The loans service is free

A Bibliotecas de Barcelona library card will let you borrow as many as thirty items for thirty days from any of the city's libraries. These could be:

15 books and magazines

6 DVDs

9 other items (CD, CD-ROM, videogames, etc.)

To ensure the smooth running of the service you will need to keep to the deadlines for returning these items. You will receive an email three days beforehand to remind you of the deadline.

You can always renew your loans provided the items have not been reserved by someone else. That can be done in person, by phone, by email or by using the activity screen you can consult from the catalogue.

If you are late in returning any items, you will be penalised with a point per item and day of delay. The IT system will block any users with 50 or more penalty points for 15 days, during which time they will be unable to use the service.

If you lose any item you will have to buy another copy. If it is no longer available, the library will state which item on the same subject you will have to buy or pay the library for.

Any friend or family member can return items you loan, as no library card is required to do that. If you wish to return a book or magazine from another library, you can do so through the inter-library loans service.

By using these self-service machines, it is users themselves who will be in charge of borrowing and returning items.

A home loans and reading service for the elderly and people with reduced mobility.

Barcelona's libraries can get you books and magazines from other libraries in the Barcelona Provincial Council Municipal Library Network.

Library users can use the catalogue to renew the items they have out on loan without having to travel to the library.

By phone and email uou may make reservations for any items, available or out on loan. You may only make online reservations for items out on loan.