Help with your homework

Libraries offer you suitable information for your homework. You can find materials such as encyclopaedias, atlases and dictionaries which help you to get started in finding out about a specific subject or which can clear up any specific queries you may have while you're doing your homework. You will also find books and audio-visual material on any subject you are working on at school: social sciences, natural sciences, history, art etc.

You will find staff in the children's areas ready to give you a helping hand with your queries, providing you with access to bibliographies you may need or internet access through the computers in the children's room.

What's more, there are three libraries with a space dedicated to helping out students with their homework:

Zona Nord Library - Homework Corner - This is an open space intended for primary-school students. It puts encyclopaedias, atlases and dictionaries at the disposal of young children, to help them to search for information. What's more, it provides support for students doing their homework while helping them with their reading habits, writing, comprehension and study techniques.

Bon Pastor Library - Miniclub - This is an informal, open space intended for children aged 7 and over. It aims to provide support for the children's school work, helping them to look up information, fostering their taste for reading and strengthening their educational work: habits, behavioural and relationship rules, etc.

Sagrada Família - Josep M. Ainaud de Lasarte Library - Homework club - Acting in collaboration with several of the neighbourhood’s schools that are in charge of selecting children from their second year of primary school on, we are offering their students a homework space that includes support from the library’s staff and volunteers working with us on the project. The sessions take place on Tuesday afternoons and are aimed at clearing up queries and helping with homework organising, boosting and monitoring.