Catalan language. Intermediate levels

Aimed at people with an intermediate level of Catalan who wish to read and converse in Catalan to gain fluency. This club also aims to introduce the contemporary literary tradition in Catalan.

Leaders: Laura Collado, Mercè Carrillo, Laura Rodríguez, Mercè Coma, Josep Martínez and Marta Calzada.

Fort Pienc Library
3rd Friday | 10.30 am

Francesca Bonnemaison Library
4th Monday | 7.00 pm
Sponsor: Editorial Males Herbes

Jaume Fuster Library
3rd Wednesday | 12.00 pm

Ignasi Iglésias-Can Fabra Library
2nd Thursday, 7.00 pm

Vapor Vell Library
3rd Wednesday, 11.00 am

Nou Barris Library
2nd Monday | 7 pm