Com funciona Barcelona

How does Barcelona work?

From the 2016-2017 school year, sustainable mobility and the benefits of cycling is included in the contents of the “How does Barcelona work?" environmental education programme..

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The BICIA’T or "On your bike" project promotes the use of bicycles among council workers as a sustainable and healthy way of getting to work. Initiatives are already under way for constructing non-folding bike parking places at municipal buildings. This is part of the More Sustainable City Council initiative and the idea is that it should serve as a model to be adopted in other structures.

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Educació, camí escolar-espai amic

School paths-friendly spaces

One line of action in the More Sustainable Schools programme aims to encourage schools to carry out an analysis of school community mobility and to adopt a plan for improving it.

Teachers will receive information and support to do this and any existing resources will be made available to them. The "School paths-friendly spaces", for example, which are paths specially marked out so that children can get to school independently, on foot or by bike, fostering daily exercise to help combat child obesity and boosting their independence.

At the same time, promotional, familiarisation and safe-cycling activities will be carried out in the education community, and the city police's road-safety programmes will continue. A “mobility briefcase” containing educational materials will also be produced.

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Eina d'educació ambiental

The bicycle as an environmental-education tool

Fostering sustainable mobility, and cycling in particular, is pecifically included in the “La Fàbrica del Sol” environmental education centre's exhibition, as well as forming part of its activities programme for children and adults and an information kit for the general public.

La Fábrica del Sol

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