E.g., 02/12/2021
E.g., 02/12/2021
Passeig de Sant Joan, bicicleta, nena, bici, esport, carril bici, Barcelona, covid-19, desconfinament
19/06/2020 - 12:53 h

New normal: Free circulation and resumption of usual activity with restrictions

COVID-19. New normal allows people to move freely throughout Catalonia, with free circulation throughout Spain allowed since 21 June.

Desconfinament, Barcelona, dona, nena, família, Arc de Triomf, Passeig de Lluís Companys, passeig
18/06/2020 - 10:10 h

Stage 3: More flexible mobility, more services and new measures for commerce and hospitality

COVID-19. Travel is now possible between healthcare regions on the same stage and time slots for people of different ages have been eliminated.

16/06/2020 - 10:16 h

A city adapted for active and healthy mobility which fills the streets with life

Mobility and transport. Pedestrian space has grown by 501,000 square metres and an extra 21.3 km of bike routes have been created.

Desconfinament, covid-19, coronavirus, Barcelona
07/06/2020 - 11:49 h

Stage 2: New measures, fewer restrictions and more activities

COVID-19. Gatherings of up to 15 people are allowed and time slots now disappear.

01/06/2020 - 11:00 h

Bicing gets back to normal

Mobility and transport. Since it re-opened, the service has seen daily usage rise from 3,000 journeys to nearly 35,000.

24/05/2020 - 13:18 h

Stage 1: New measures and services

City Council. As from Monday,25 May, work will be done to guarantee safe mobility, adapt cleaning and waste collection services, re-open cemeteries and offer municipal services face-to-face.

bicicleta us compartit bicisharing
19/05/2020 - 13:01 h

Definitive assignation of bike and moped sharing licences

Mobility and transport. Journeys made this way are a sustainable alternative to travelling with private vehicles.

Via Laietana, Barcelona, obres, desconfinament, mobilitat, covid-19, voreres
17/05/2020 - 13:00 h

Work gets under way to widen the pavements in Via Laietana

Mobility and transport. Pavements will now be 4.15 metres wide.

13/05/2020 - 16:24 h

More pedestrian space in Gran Via, Diagonal and Via Laietana

Mobility and transport. The prioritisation of pedestrians in public space also involves stepping up measures to free the pavements of motorcycles.

04/05/2020 - 15:39 h

Work starts on safer new sustainable mobility

Mobility and transport. Work gets under way to calm C/ Consell de Cent, create new cycling corridors and segregate bus lanes.


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