12 hours of spinning against AIDS

12 hours of spinning against AIDS

11/11/2016 - 08:03 h*

Solidarity Sport. Barcelona's Sala BARTS has been chosen as the venue for the AIDS World Cycling event, which is taking place on 12 November.

This is a 12-hour indoor cycling or spinning marathon, organised by the Fundació Lluita contra la Sida [Fight against AIDS Foundation], with the aim of raising money to finance its research projects. Symbolically, a round-the-world trip will be completed, passing through a variety of places and discovering how HIV/AIDS is affecting them.

A virtual route will be selected through countries, cities and regions, with the aim of completing a trip around the world. Each session will have a different profile, according to the territory involved and its geographical characteristics. In each one, participants will be motivated by different sensations that complete the experience: decorative features and elements, images projected onto a giant screen on stage; and a music selection related to the styles and trends of each geographical area.

There will be a total of 12 sessions given by different monitors (1 hour per session), with transitions between each one. There will also be a variety of on-stage performances from magicians, comedians and other artists collaborating with the event.

You can enrol on the www.aidsworldcycling.com website, which has been set up specially for the event. Participating individuals and teams will have their own online page from the moment they enrol: their page will show the economic challenge they have set themselves, and anyone wishing to make a financial contribution to help them achieve this may do so.

All donations to AIDS World Cycling through the team pages are direct donations to the Fundació Lluita contra la Sida.

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