Bicing becomes available on Smou, the single app for Barcelona different mobility services

Bicing becomes available on Smou, the single app for Barcelona different mobility services

08/07/2020 - 18:10 h*

Mobility and transport. Smou brings different mobility services together in one place, enhancing people’s experience with a more secure and user-friendly app.

Smou, the mobile app to help people get around Barcelona, is constantly being improved. A year and a half after its launch, the app now includes the Bicing service and offers new features for users, who can now sign up using Smou, find out if push bikes or electric bikes are available at a certain station or check their journey status.

Smou brings together all the different personal mobility services in one place, in a safe and user-friendly app for individual users.

Until now, Smou included parking information for blue and green zones in Barcelona and the metropolitan area, payment and automatic barrier lifting using number-plate readers in BSM car parks, and reservations and re-charging using the public electricity network Endolla Barcelona. As from today, the app also includes the Bicing service.

The integration of the service brings improvements for users of the city’s bike-sharing service. It is now possible to sign up to the service using the app itself, to easily check the type of bike available at a station, to release the bike and check the journey status. The app also allows users to check the journeys they’ve made, return bikes automatically, get detailed information on the state of their subscription and find out when it needs renewing etc.

Bicing users can start migrating to the Smou app as from today, in a simple and easy process which involves following the instructions and setting a new password to access Smou. Once they access the app, all the previous data from the Bicing app will have been transferred to Smou, including their journey logs and payment method. Technical support is also available within the app so that users can contact the service.

Smou in figures

Just a year and a half after its launch, Smou has more than 185,000 users, who between them have used it to carry out more than 3.6 million actions. In addition, the app has achieved a rating of 4.7 out of 5 on download platforms, demonstrating it has been well received. In all, the Smou app has been downloaded 220,000 times.

In this respect, Smou has led to an enhanced user experience, enabling people to plan journeys with greater vision and to manage the various mobility options available to them via their smart phones. All the information on the app can be personalised through a system of filters which users can activate or deactivate depending on their needs.

Diverse services in one space

The most widely used service on Smou is the apparkB, which allows users to pay for regulated parking in Barcelona. For over a year now the app has also facilitated parking in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Sant Joan Despí, Sant Just Desvern, Badalona, Esplugues and Castelldefels, without the need to use parking meters and pay for the exact time parked. This function saves time and simplifies the process.

Smou also allows all users who activate the agilPark service to enter BSM car parks. The barrier lifts up automatically through a number-plater reader and payment is made via mobile phone when exiting.

Another service offered by Smou is access to the Endolla Barcelona public re-charging network. Since December, drivers of electric vehicles have been able to use the app to access re-charging points for their vehicles very easily. The network consists of 500 re-charging points located in streets and in BSM car parks, with QR codes that users can scan to activate the service.

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