Early warning of an episode of environmental nitrogen dioxide pollution

Early warning of an episode of environmental nitrogen dioxide pollution

20/03/2017 - 13:57 h*

Air quality. The Directorate-General for Environmental Quality and Climate Change issued an early warning today, 20 March, of an episode of atmospheric environmental nitrogen dioxide pollution.

Given the levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) recorded by the Atmospheric Pollution Vigilance and Forecast Network (XVPCA) and forecast of the models, the Directorate-General of Environmental Quality and Climate Change is issuing an early warning of an episode of environmental atmospheric pollution from the pollutant NO2 for the special protection zone (ZPE).

In view of this situation, Barcelona City Council is offering the public a series of recommendations so they can collaborate in improving the environment and air quality as well as protect their health.

Citizens are therefore advised to use public transport and travel on foot or by bicycle along streets with low volumes of traffic.

They are likewise advised to avoid using motorised vehicles and, where they have no alternative, to share cars or opt for vehicles with lower emissions and apply drive more efficiently (gentle acceleration, reducing speed, using the engine to slow down, avoiding sharp acceleration and braking etc.)

Anyone who is particularly sensitive to the effects of air pollution is advised to change their sports routine to a time of the day when pollution levels are lower.

The public is also advised to regulate their home air-conditioning; to raise its temperature threshold in the summer and lower it in the winter; to ensure the smooth running of fossil-fuel, wood and biomass heaters etc., and avoid venting and sudden starts, and to ensure the proper running of their filters and ash collectors.

Citizens are also advised to pay attention to any warnings issued by the Ministry for Territory and Sustainability at the Generalitat of Catalonia.

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